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Are you tired of constantly entering the password in your mobile phone when connecting to a Wi-Fi network? With the very useful application called Unlock At Home Using Wifi you will only have to enter details once in order to keep your phone unlocked for the entire time that you remain on the network

When connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network like a home network you will find it annoying if you constantly have to enter the network’s password and security passes. The Unlock At Home Using Wifi lets you use the network without having to input the details several times.

Unlock At Home Using Wifi is great because it doesn’t only let you enjoy the network in peace but it will also lock the network back up once you have disconnected. This makes sure that your network will remain safe after you are done using it.

Just unlock ONCE while connected to a secure wifi network!

This application disables the lock (pattern, password, slide) only while your device is connected to a (defined) secure located wifi network, useful for example if you have one at home. It also can modify the wifi sleep policy at your taste on secure / not secure locations. You just have to unlock for a first time (yellow icon), then your device will remain unlocked while you're connected to the wifi network.

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This app has been available in market since oct'10 (you can see it in comments)

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Unlock At Home Using Wifi 1.5.10 Free Download screenshot